How to Find the Best Moving Companies in LA

Moving can be an incredibly stressful time in your life. It can be a huge change for you and your family as well as a significant expense. Without a thorough plan in place to handle the move effectively, your dream relocation can quickly turn into an unmanageable nightmare. One of the best ways to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible, is to hire a trustworthy moving company.

When you hire a moving company you are trusting them to safely handle all of your worldly possessions. You need to feel very secure with the choice that you make. We don’t want the selection of a moving company to add to the stress that you are already feeling. In this article we will show you how to find the best Moving Companies in LA 

Getting Started

The internet can be a very useful place to find information about reputable moving companies. You will want to start there. Make sure that you stick to researching moving companies and not moving brokers. There are legal issues associated with moving brokers that you do not want to get into, so stick to movers. You will also want to look for companies who have been in business for a significant length of time. This will provide a track record of their service. It is hard to tell if the company that just started last week is trustworthy and not a scam. 

Setting an Appointment

You should narrow the list of moving companies to about 3 and then call or email them to set up an appointment. You will want them to drive to your house and provide you with an estimate. Of course this estimate should be free. If one of the companies will not come to your home to provide you with a free estimate, remove them from the list and move on.

During the appointment make sure that you confirm the company you are speaking with will be doing the job themselves. It is common for companies to present themselves as being the ones to complete your job, but then sub-contract the work to someone else. When the company you are speaking with does not plan to do the work themselves, you should not move forward with them. 

Inspecting the Company

After the appointment and estimate you should do some more research by visiting the company at their location. You want to make sure that they are a legitimate company with quality equipment. This means taking a look at their vans, trucks, and any onsite storage facilities that they own. When inspecting the trucks make a note of whether or not the truck has the company’s name and logo permanently painted on the side. If there is no name or logo, or the name and logo is attached with a magnet, this may be an issue. You do not want someone showing up to your move with a rental truck and magnetic logo. Remember, you are trusting these people with everything that you own. 

Comparing Companies

After you have received all of the estimates and conducted your site visits, you can start to compare the companies. You will want to find out what the difference in pricing is and why. This is especially true if one company is offering more services than the other companies who bid. You also will want to find out the amount of insurance each company is providing and what the valuation of your property is. If the mover’s quote is only justified by size, eliminate them. 

The Paperwork

Never sign any blank paperwork that a moving company provides you and make sure that you get a full explanation of everything on any paperwork before signing. You need to make sure that you read the document and completely understand everything that it says and implies. If that means the moving company needs to wait to receive a signature, that is fine. Do not let them rush you. If they are being too pushy consider not giving them your business. 

Always remember that the current laws require every moving company to provide you with a booklet explaining your rights and responsibilities in regards to a move. If a company does not give you this, they may not be able to be trusted. You should not use them for your move. 

Other Information You Want to Know

There are many other things that are important to know about a moving company as well and we highly recommend that you get the answers to these questions from the company or by searching their corporate information online. These include: 

– Official Company Name
– License Numbers
– Company Website
– Email Addresses

Additional Research

There are many other checks that you can do online to make sure a company is reputable if you are still not sure. Your Secretary of State’s website is a great resource as well as SaferSys a federal website that allows you to search license information. You can use the license numbers we mentioned above to conduct this search. A SaferSys report include the following information that you should make sure matches: 

– Company Name
– Address
– Phone Number

In the upper right hand corner of the report there will also be a field with the title: “Out of Service.” This should say “No.” If it does not this means that the company is out of service and you should eliminate them from your consideration. Other information on the report will include:

– Company Size
– Date of License Application
– Whether or Not they are Authorized for Hire
– Whether they are Authorized for Interstate Moves
– That they are Authorized to Transport Household Goods
– Their Inspection Record
– A Link to Check Their Insurance 

Finally, you should also conduct a check with the industry’s consumer complaints hotline. The phone number is (888) 368-7238 and they are open between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. 

On Your Moving Day

If anyone other than the moving company you researched and hired shows up on your moving day do not allow them to move your property. You will need to start over, but never give your possessions to someone you cannot trust.


There are a lot of untrustworthy people and scams in the moving business. However, with the right research and plan in place you can find a reputable company that will happily make your move a breeze. A little effort is worth the time it takes when you are talking about something as important as moving your belongings. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to find the best moving companies in LA for your specific needs.