Progressing Through Giant’s Keep Basement 10 in Summoner’s War

Giant’s Keep is a huge part of the Summoner’s War game. Even though it’s been nerfed, it’s still a great place to farm for runes. If you’re able to assemble an efficient Summoners War GB10 team, you can crush the content within a matter of minutes and get lots of upgrades in no time at all.

Getting your team set up correctly takes some time, however. This GB10 progression guide will teach you how to start from scratch and build a GB10 team that you can slowly upgrade to farm GB10 in less than two minutes.

Getting Started: Your First Summoners War GB10 Team

If you’ve already looked up a GB10 guide before turning to this one, you probably read that Veromos makes GB10 a lot easier. This is absolutely true. Veromos is an incredible monster that forms the backbone of most GB10 teams. You can get away without using him, sure, but he’s going to make the task of assembling your team a lot easier.

One highly suggested team that you can use is Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, and Sigmarus. This team should be able to easily complete GB10 over 95% of the time with the right runes.

When you’re ready to start cutting time, try shifting around your team’s order. Run Lapis as your team leader, with Veromos, Bernard, Shannon, and Belladeon filling out your other slots. This configuration can save as much as 30 seconds from your GB10 runs in Summoners War.

Cranking Up The Speed

As your runs start to get smoother and you have access to better runes, you can cut Shannon for a damage dealer. Top choices include Lapis, Hreasvelg, and Sigmarus. Other damage dealers can also work, especially if you have good runes for them. With this setup, you’ll often start to see runs under 2:00.

Going Even Faster

Your Summoners War GB10 team can go even faster than that, however. For the penultimate speed team, run either Lushen or Lapis as lead with the same setup from above. This time, however, cut Veromos for an additional damage dealer, with Lushen being one of the best choices. Your runes will have to be really good in order to keep this team up through the damage that GB10 puts out. If you can handle it, however, you’ll get some crazy fast completions.

The Fastest Team For GB10?

Most experts think that the fastest team is 2x Lushen, Galleon, and your two best direct damage dealers. With top-tier runes, this team will chew through GB10 in under a minute, easily. You’ll be able to cruise through some of the hardest content in the game in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

If you can’t get Lushen or Galleon, try forming your team around Lapis instead. Lapis has some shortcomings that you’ll have to work to overcome, but she’s more than good enough to warrant a spot on your team. Her AOE DEF break isn’t as reliable as you’d like it to be, but you can still farm GB10 in just over 1 minute without either Lushen or Galleon on your team.

Get The Runes You Want, Fast!

In this GB10 progression guide, you’ve learned how to structure a team to start GB10 and then slowly upgrade that team to be a terrifying farming powerhouse. Your Summoners War GB10 team may start off slow, but once you start farming runes, you’ll upgrade your monsters and you’ll be able to make quick work of one of the hardest levels of the game. You’ll be posting sub 1-minute completions in no time!

All You Need to Know about DK Builds For The Elders Scrolls Online

There is no doubt that when it comes to some of the best online multi-player games the name of Elders Scrolls Online certainly occupies center stage. ESO as it is also called was launched some time during April 2014. Within a short span of around 2 years, the popularity of this game has increased by quite significantly. The initial launch offer was a free version of the game but given the smart rise in popularity, this online game was move to paid version some time during October 2015. Since then it has been growing steadily and has been capturing the imagination of thousands of online gaming enthusiasts across the world. However, it would be pertinent point out here that with the addition of DK Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online, it certainly has become a huge talking point. Hence it would not a bad idea to have a closer look at the various features, facilities, advantages and disadvantages, which it offers to its fans and gaming enthusiasts across the world.

What Are DK Builds All About

DK is the acronym for Dragon Knights and when we are looking at ways and means by which the dragon knights in Dragon Knights are in a position to improve their performance. It is perhaps akin to using a Templar to improve the performance in VDSA. The main purpose of using these DK builds is much than merely healing. It also is about applying suitable debuffs and buffs for improved performance. It also is about looking at some damage which could help increase the group size. However, one has to bear in mind that the build is not easy to discover and then create. It is highly complicated because there could be the need for constant swapping of bar and that too within destruction and restoration staffs. However, once a player is able to practice it and then put it to use it becomes quite easy to say the least. While generally it is used more commonly in VDSA it is also possible to try it can also be easily used in other contents such as Hel Ra, AA and Sanctum.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Build

Before getting to know more about the reasons why DK Builds could make a difference we should know something about Dragon Knights. It would be pertinent mention here that Dragon Knights is extremely popular and diverse. That is the reason why a number of players are opting for strong melee DPS and also opting for full tanks. DK is highly versatile and it can therefore fit into different roles. It is therefore possible for you to build a suitable offensive healer and perhaps even come up with a damage healer. When you decide to play Elders Scrolls Online and choose Dragon Knight as one of the options you will be having access to three different lines of skill. These include Draconic Power, Ardent Flame and Earthen Heart. It is possible for you to master the skills in one option, or try and have a look at all the three options and pick up the required skills based on your interest levels. It is possible to indulge in damage, healing, PvP, tanking, crowd control and grouping with DK.

A Look At Some Ready To Use DK Builds Which Could Enhance Efficiency Levels

While there could be one’s own methods of coming up useful and beneficial DK builds for ESO a better option would be to go in for some readymade and pre-built builds. They certainly will help you to gain the much sought after advantage over others. Here are a few reasons why choosing the right DK builds could make a difference to your game. It will well and truly help you to reach level 50 without much of a bother.

It will help you with class specific leveling. You could easily aspire to become a fantastic PvP machine because the Builds will help you to master the essentials to move to the next level easily. It also will help you to customize you DK which will help a lot in getting rid of mobs. It will also help in exterminating bosses en-masse and also will make taking up tougher tasks look easy.

You will also be in a position to find out how each and every skill set works. It will also be able to teach you how and when the skills should be used. There could be some rare and highly relevant events and by using these DK builds you will be able to make the best use of such events and situations.

If you wish to play DK to the best potential, it is important for you to understand that merely mastering the skills alone may not be enough. It will also help you to identify the right equipment which is needed even by the most experienced veterans. It will teach you ways and means by which you can outfit your character so that you able to get the right mix between men and machine.

The best of PvP tips: Another big reason why it makes sense to go in for DK Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online is because it will help you to enter into duels with ease and confidence. It will help you as a player to unlock the full potential of PvP. It will help you to give your best whether it is solo battles or taking on hundreds of hard core fighters.

Gold Making: Dragon Knights is a game which allows the players to make gold provided the right skill sets are developed. With the help of right DK builds it will be possible for you to best avenues for money making. It also will help you to master the ways and means by which you can improve your ESO. It will help you to avoid running all over the place and scrapping for some dusts of gold. It will assist you to be the real hero who time and again is able to get the best as far as gold hunt is concerned.

Hence at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that going in for the right DK builds will help you to master ESO much better than most.


Ways Your Brand Can Reach eSports Consumers

The recent growth of eSports industry has taken several major brands by surprise. Not only has the size of the live audience widened but also the number of brands trying to exploit the industry as a marketing opportunity. In this article, we have highlighted measures that your company can take to showcase the value of your products to eSports consumers. Read on to find out more.

1. Step up your Branded Content game

The recent studies show that 75% of video viewers visit the brand’s website. One of the effective ways of reaching the eSports consumers is to create interesting video content around the eSport games they like most. Most eSports enthusiasts appreciate the brands who broadcast valuable content that is relevant to their interests. This content marketing opportunity builds brand recognition by incorporating entertainment, education, and advertising within the eSports space.

2. Capture Influencer Reviews

The next step is to utilize influencer reviewers to speak the language that your targeted eSports fans understand. You will find that each of these influencer reviewers has millions of loyal followers, who take them as their source of valuable information regarding certain eSports. They will do some talking hence building good relationships for you. Within a short period, your branding messages will become significantly more effective.

3. Sponsor a Team

There are two types of eSports teams: eSports Works Teams and eSports Agency Teams. The former are teams which are run and financed by product companies. Sponsoring one of the teams operated and financed by larger product-focused companies can be a challenge if your brand is looking to enter eSports. It is therefore recommended you start and operate your own eSports Works Team. The second ones, the eSports Agency Teams, are good if you want to build awareness for your brand eSports. If you sponsor some of the eSports Agency Teams, you can benefit from broadcast visibility (getting a logo presence on the team jersey), extra visibility and gain extra exposure through a team’s social media.

4. Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is one of the sure ways of to reach more eSports consumers. Currently, several innovative brands such as LG, IBM, Intel, and Coca-Cola are bringing major events to eSports enthusiastic, and they are reaping the benefits as a result of their sponsorship. More eSports consumers continue to thank such brands by becoming and remaining loyal to brand advocates. eSports sponsorship, especially the large ones, requires large investments but the returns are more compared to sponsoring traditional sports.

5. White Label Events

Typically, white label events are smaller, invite-only events that are created by agencies with established format and structure. These events, if planned and carried out properly, they can help your brand gain exposure through eSports. To achieve this goal, you need to deploy competent initiatives that are tailored to communicate the brand message to the eSports consumers. Red Bull is one of the brands known to utilize the white label eSports events.

There are several companies that can help you establish your brand or product in the eSports market. Some of these companies do not live up to their promise. So make sure you checkout the best site about Esports marketing not to fall a victim of dubious companies.