Ultimate Guide: Android App Marketing & App Store Optimization (ASO)

Google Play Store has over three million apps. There are plenty of apps offering similar services. The days of getting thousands of installs within one year are over. Hitting one hundred installs since 2015 has become a battle.
Maybe you have just uploaded your android app on Google Play Store, and you’re now looking for ways to boost its installs. There are many ways to do so. Unfortunately, not all are worth it. Today, I want to give you the secret on how some android apps manage to establish themselves within days despite the stiff competition they face.
Let’s, for example, take an android app that delivers food to the customer’s doorstep. How many such apps are in Play Store? There are hundreds if not thousands of food delivery apps out there and tens of thousands more apps ready to dive into the app market. These apps compete among themselves. Eventually, some of the apps that have already won the market get replaced by other apps.
To keep this problem at bay is simple. Popularize your app to increase its ranking of the app’s store. Today, I want to share with you a short cut on how to popularize your android app with ease.
Many users pay attention to the number of installs and ratings. Your app may have a 5-star rating, but if the number of downloads is too low, no one will install it. To give your app the tools and power it needs to compete with apps that have already established themselves, buy android app installs.
Google publishes the number of downloads your app has on the app’s store, making it so advantageous to have a high download number. Of course, you don’t want to lose your potential customers that will judge your app by the low number of downloads and installs.
Now you must be wondering where and from whom should you buy android app installs. There are plenty of businesses out there who are ready and willing to offer these services. Unfortunately, some won’t give you real installs. Be careful when choosing the best service provider for you.
You might be asking yourself how much will it cost you to raise the number of downloads and ratings of your app. First, you need to know what is Cost Per Install, better known as CPI, and how it works.
What is Cost Per Install?
Cost Per Install (CPI) is the pricing model where you pay a set price for every new customer from paid advertisements that downloads and installs your app. With Cost Per Install campaigns, a digital ad is placed to drive installs to your android app. You will be paying a bid rate or a fixed rate for every new install. Luckily, there is a set formula on how to calculate CPI.
CPI Formula
The formula is simple. To calculate CPI, you divide the total spending on ads by the total number of installs. As I said before, the cost can either be a fixed rate or bit rate because total spending on ads varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the advertising network and the publisher you are using to display the ads.
How CPI Campaign works
When you decide you want to promote your app with a paid advertisement, you will be working with publishers or advertising networks directly to increase the exposure and popularity of your app. The advertising networks place the ads driving new app downloads and installs within mobile websites and other mobile apps in various formats. The most popular options include:
Videos Banners Interstitial OfferWalls Native
In the Cost Per Install pricing model, you only pay for clicks that lead to an installation. There are other pricing models for mobile app advertisement campaigns.

CPI Services: Android App Marketing

These pricing models include:
Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per View (CPV) Cost Per Action (CPA) Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Why Cost Per Install (CPI) is the best
It concentrates on giving your app the highest number of installs at the lowest cost. You only pay when a new user has started engaging with the app. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, increase your app’s downloads number, or enhance your rank on mobile apps store, CPI is the best option.