Paddle Boarding Guide for Beginners

Paddle boarding has become one of the most loved water sporting activities as people find it fun and exciting to explore the waters without having to swim or float in it. This sport is a derivative of surfing, as one stands on something that resembles a conventional surfboard and propels himself or herself through the water with the support of something similar to a canoe paddle, but it’s slightly longer. Stand up paddle boarding abbreviated as SUP is one of the water sports in the world whose popularity is growing at a steady pace. The great about this sporting activity is that it is designed to incorporate other fun activities such as SUP racing and many more.

If you are attracted to paddle boarding, and you would like to try it out, then go through these guidelines as they’re intended to help you become a pro in this sport.

Make use of Leash

Safety is a key concern whenever you’re participating in various types of water sports. When it comes to paddle boarding, you should always remember to use a leash to tie yourself into your board. Your board is crucial when it comes to safety as you may get tired, lose the direction, or find yourself far away from the shore, and it is easy to lose it if you’re subjected to strong winds or storms, especially if you are not tethered to it.

Leases are available in different types and shapes. For instance, some are straight, while others are coiled to match the padding style and preferences of individual paddlers. Regardless of the kind of leash you prefer or your attachment preference, it’s essential to keep in mind that you require a top-quality board leash that is not vulnerable to breakages, although it can get detached. This is usually the case to give your room to rescue yourself if your board is pulled away by heavy currents or when you find yourself entangled in plants that grow in water.

Pick the most appropriate gear.

Just like any other sport, having the right gear can bring the needed fun as well as safety. Before you get into the stand-up paddle boarding, it is necessary to first acquire the most suitable SUP gear for your level, not forgetting the kind of environment you’ll use to paddle.

It’s advisable to choose a thick and wide SUP as it can balance freely on both wavy and flat waters, especially if you’re a beginner. You can also settle for a touring SUP as it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers who are looking forward to cruise further and a bit faster.

Keep in mind to pick the most appropriate volume or thickness that matches your body type.

Keep an eye on wind direction.

Every time you stand on your SUP, your body behaves like a sail, which is an indication that strong winds will interfere with the direction you intend to propel your paddle. This makes it difficult to paddle and propel yourself to the intended destination, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Before you even think about paddling, it’s essential to pay attention to the wind conditions. This will help you to determine whether the environment is conducive for paddling or not.

The main objective is to understand the basics and practice your stability with no need to worry about waves or strong winds. If you realize that wind is becoming extremely powerful to the extent that you’re unable to withstand it and move in the intended direction, you can consider laying on your board and use your arms to paddle as it would be the case with an ordinary surfboard.

Face the Right Direction

Facing the wrong direction is the other mistake people make when paddling. This is more common among the beginners because they’re not conversant with the front-end, mainly when using a board that is all-round and featuring a large round nose.

So how do you differentiate the front from the back?

Fins are the elements that can help you to differentiate the board’s back from the front. Keeping the board straight while you paddle is one of the indications that you’re facing the right direction. When facing the wrong direction board will not straighten and will be forced to keep on adjusting the paddling sides.

The discussed above are some paddle boarding guidelines that can help you to improve your skills in this sport and afterwards become a pro.

Ultimate Guide: Android App Marketing & App Store Optimization (ASO)

Google Play Store has over three million apps. There are plenty of apps offering similar services. The days of getting thousands of installs within one year are over. Hitting one hundred installs since 2015 has become a battle.
Maybe you have just uploaded your android app on Google Play Store, and you’re now looking for ways to boost its installs. There are many ways to do so. Unfortunately, not all are worth it. Today, I want to give you the secret on how some android apps manage to establish themselves within days despite the stiff competition they face.
Let’s, for example, take an android app that delivers food to the customer’s doorstep. How many such apps are in Play Store? There are hundreds if not thousands of food delivery apps out there and tens of thousands more apps ready to dive into the app market. These apps compete among themselves. Eventually, some of the apps that have already won the market get replaced by other apps.
To keep this problem at bay is simple. Popularize your app to increase its ranking of the app’s store. Today, I want to share with you a short cut on how to popularize your android app with ease.
Many users pay attention to the number of installs and ratings. Your app may have a 5-star rating, but if the number of downloads is too low, no one will install it. To give your app the tools and power it needs to compete with apps that have already established themselves, buy android app installs.
Google publishes the number of downloads your app has on the app’s store, making it so advantageous to have a high download number. Of course, you don’t want to lose your potential customers that will judge your app by the low number of downloads and installs.
Now you must be wondering where and from whom should you buy android app installs. There are plenty of businesses out there who are ready and willing to offer these services. Unfortunately, some won’t give you real installs. Be careful when choosing the best service provider for you.
You might be asking yourself how much will it cost you to raise the number of downloads and ratings of your app. First, you need to know what is Cost Per Install, better known as CPI, and how it works.
What is Cost Per Install?
Cost Per Install (CPI) is the pricing model where you pay a set price for every new customer from paid advertisements that downloads and installs your app. With Cost Per Install campaigns, a digital ad is placed to drive installs to your android app. You will be paying a bid rate or a fixed rate for every new install. Luckily, there is a set formula on how to calculate CPI.
CPI Formula
The formula is simple. To calculate CPI, you divide the total spending on ads by the total number of installs. As I said before, the cost can either be a fixed rate or bit rate because total spending on ads varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the advertising network and the publisher you are using to display the ads.
How CPI Campaign works
When you decide you want to promote your app with a paid advertisement, you will be working with publishers or advertising networks directly to increase the exposure and popularity of your app. The advertising networks place the ads driving new app downloads and installs within mobile websites and other mobile apps in various formats. The most popular options include:
Videos Banners Interstitial OfferWalls Native
In the Cost Per Install pricing model, you only pay for clicks that lead to an installation. There are other pricing models for mobile app advertisement campaigns.

CPI Services: Android App Marketing

These pricing models include:
Cost Per Click (CPC) Cost Per View (CPV) Cost Per Action (CPA) Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Why Cost Per Install (CPI) is the best
It concentrates on giving your app the highest number of installs at the lowest cost. You only pay when a new user has started engaging with the app. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, increase your app’s downloads number, or enhance your rank on mobile apps store, CPI is the best option.

The Best Bitcoin Alerting App?

Bitcoin is the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world. It was first created in 2009 when you could have bought a slice of pizza with 32 bitcoins. In 2019, you would be a millionaire to at least have 32 bitcoins in your digital wallet.
However, there are many bitcoin alerts app on the market. You can get lost within searching one that suits you best. Unfortunately, most of them offer the same features. How do you know that the one you use right now is the best to use in the future too?
For everyone’s satisfaction, is a new platform for future tradings, exchanges, and alerts.

#1 – What you can do with bitcoins?

Because not everybody can understand why the world felt the need for a digital currency, the list below will provide you the advantages of owning bitcoins:
You can instantly send money all over the world. All the limitations of your country’s banks are forgotten. You have full ownership of your funds, and nobody can see how much you own. Finally, you can buy illegal items on the internet. I know this can be the biggest dream of some of the people. If you get into a divorce, the law enforcement will not know about your digital money. You can keep everything you earned.

#2 – How much a bitcoin is worth in 2019 and how much it will be?

Right now, one single bitcoin worths $8,785.74. But, every day it decreases or increases, depending on the stock market.
It is considered that in 2020, bitcoin will reach the price of $10,000. It’s the proper time to bet on this prediction and you can earn the tenth part of a bitcoin.

#3 – Why you need bitcoin alerts?

It’s hard to keep up with everything that happens in the digital market. The price of every crypto it varies from hour to hour or day today.
Getting ahead in knowing the price is key in establishing huge profit strategies for your block folio.
Because bitcoin is the one we have to keep an eye on, we will talk about bitcoin alerts. – it’s the newest monitor on the market. It helps everyday users get instant alerts to their mobile devices about crypto. It works as well for Android and IOS users or Windows.

So why do you need this app installed on your mobile device?

Multiple price alerts. Every time bitcoin increases or decreases, will get you notified directly on your smartphone. In this way, your worries about refreshing the price market website are gone.
Advanced alert types. In this way, you can personalize the notifications on your mobile device. When the percentage of bitcoin decreases, you can get a different sound than when the percentage increases.
Those price alerts can facilitate successful trading by providing automated notifications of every price movement, which can help you make better-informed decisions.
We know is not that much, but is still developing on the market.

#4 – Why you need both Bitcoin and

First of all, you need to know why bitcoin is useful.
Well, we can compare it to gold. Bitcoin is also something you have to mine. Unfortunately, there are only 21 million bitcoins on the entire market, and most of them are already taken. In 2019, owning a bitcoin is much harder than expected.
But somehow, it is worth investing in it. However, the difficulty in buying bitcoin also depends on your country. Developed countries have more options and more liquidity.
Here is the right list of why you should invest in Bitcoin in 2019 and need a platform like
Buy low and sell high. With, you’ll always know when the price for bitcoin decreases. That’s the right time to buy part of a bitcoin. When you got a whole bitcoin, you can wait until notifies you that this crypto has the highest price. Bitcoin is decentralized. That means you have all the power on your coins and transactions. Banks and other third parties are not involved and you have access to deposit and withdraw money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After all, it seems like bitcoin and bitcoin alerts are not that hard to understand. Keep in touch with us for further information.

Progressing Through Giant’s Keep Basement 10 in Summoner’s War

Giant’s Keep is a huge part of the Summoner’s War game. Even though it’s been nerfed, it’s still a great place to farm for runes. If you’re able to assemble an efficient Summoners War GB10 team, you can crush the content within a matter of minutes and get lots of upgrades in no time at all.

Getting your team set up correctly takes some time, however. This GB10 progression guide will teach you how to start from scratch and build a GB10 team that you can slowly upgrade to farm GB10 in less than two minutes.

Getting Started: Your First Summoners War GB10 Team

If you’ve already looked up a GB10 guide before turning to this one, you probably read that Veromos makes GB10 a lot easier. This is absolutely true. Veromos is an incredible monster that forms the backbone of most GB10 teams. You can get away without using him, sure, but he’s going to make the task of assembling your team a lot easier.

One highly suggested team that you can use is Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard, and Sigmarus. This team should be able to easily complete GB10 over 95% of the time with the right runes.

When you’re ready to start cutting time, try shifting around your team’s order. Run Lapis as your team leader, with Veromos, Bernard, Shannon, and Belladeon filling out your other slots. This configuration can save as much as 30 seconds from your GB10 runs in Summoners War.

Cranking Up The Speed

As your runs start to get smoother and you have access to better runes, you can cut Shannon for a damage dealer. Top choices include Lapis, Hreasvelg, and Sigmarus. Other damage dealers can also work, especially if you have good runes for them. With this setup, you’ll often start to see runs under 2:00.

Going Even Faster

Your Summoners War GB10 team can go even faster than that, however. For the penultimate speed team, run either Lushen or Lapis as lead with the same setup from above. This time, however, cut Veromos for an additional damage dealer, with Lushen being one of the best choices. Your runes will have to be really good in order to keep this team up through the damage that GB10 puts out. If you can handle it, however, you’ll get some crazy fast completions.

The Fastest Team For GB10?

Most experts think that the fastest team is 2x Lushen, Galleon, and your two best direct damage dealers. With top-tier runes, this team will chew through GB10 in under a minute, easily. You’ll be able to cruise through some of the hardest content in the game in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

If you can’t get Lushen or Galleon, try forming your team around Lapis instead. Lapis has some shortcomings that you’ll have to work to overcome, but she’s more than good enough to warrant a spot on your team. Her AOE DEF break isn’t as reliable as you’d like it to be, but you can still farm GB10 in just over 1 minute without either Lushen or Galleon on your team.

Get The Runes You Want, Fast!

In this GB10 progression guide, you’ve learned how to structure a team to start GB10 and then slowly upgrade that team to be a terrifying farming powerhouse. Your Summoners War GB10 team may start off slow, but once you start farming runes, you’ll upgrade your monsters and you’ll be able to make quick work of one of the hardest levels of the game. You’ll be posting sub 1-minute completions in no time!

All You Need to Know about DK Builds For The Elders Scrolls Online

There is no doubt that when it comes to some of the best online multi-player games the name of Elders Scrolls Online certainly occupies center stage. ESO as it is also called was launched some time during April 2014. Within a short span of around 2 years, the popularity of this game has increased by quite significantly. The initial launch offer was a free version of the game but given the smart rise in popularity, this online game was move to paid version some time during October 2015. Since then it has been growing steadily and has been capturing the imagination of thousands of online gaming enthusiasts across the world. However, it would be pertinent point out here that with the addition of DK Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online, it certainly has become a huge talking point. Hence it would not a bad idea to have a closer look at the various features, facilities, advantages and disadvantages, which it offers to its fans and gaming enthusiasts across the world.

What Are DK Builds All About

DK is the acronym for Dragon Knights and when we are looking at ways and means by which the dragon knights in Dragon Knights are in a position to improve their performance. It is perhaps akin to using a Templar to improve the performance in VDSA. The main purpose of using these DK builds is much than merely healing. It also is about applying suitable debuffs and buffs for improved performance. It also is about looking at some damage which could help increase the group size. However, one has to bear in mind that the build is not easy to discover and then create. It is highly complicated because there could be the need for constant swapping of bar and that too within destruction and restoration staffs. However, once a player is able to practice it and then put it to use it becomes quite easy to say the least. While generally it is used more commonly in VDSA it is also possible to try it can also be easily used in other contents such as Hel Ra, AA and Sanctum.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Build

Before getting to know more about the reasons why DK Builds could make a difference we should know something about Dragon Knights. It would be pertinent mention here that Dragon Knights is extremely popular and diverse. That is the reason why a number of players are opting for strong melee DPS and also opting for full tanks. DK is highly versatile and it can therefore fit into different roles. It is therefore possible for you to build a suitable offensive healer and perhaps even come up with a damage healer. When you decide to play Elders Scrolls Online and choose Dragon Knight as one of the options you will be having access to three different lines of skill. These include Draconic Power, Ardent Flame and Earthen Heart. It is possible for you to master the skills in one option, or try and have a look at all the three options and pick up the required skills based on your interest levels. It is possible to indulge in damage, healing, PvP, tanking, crowd control and grouping with DK.

A Look At Some Ready To Use DK Builds Which Could Enhance Efficiency Levels

While there could be one’s own methods of coming up useful and beneficial DK builds for ESO a better option would be to go in for some readymade and pre-built builds. They certainly will help you to gain the much sought after advantage over others. Here are a few reasons why choosing the right DK builds could make a difference to your game. It will well and truly help you to reach level 50 without much of a bother.

It will help you with class specific leveling. You could easily aspire to become a fantastic PvP machine because the Builds will help you to master the essentials to move to the next level easily. It also will help you to customize you DK which will help a lot in getting rid of mobs. It will also help in exterminating bosses en-masse and also will make taking up tougher tasks look easy.

You will also be in a position to find out how each and every skill set works. It will also be able to teach you how and when the skills should be used. There could be some rare and highly relevant events and by using these DK builds you will be able to make the best use of such events and situations.

If you wish to play DK to the best potential, it is important for you to understand that merely mastering the skills alone may not be enough. It will also help you to identify the right equipment which is needed even by the most experienced veterans. It will teach you ways and means by which you can outfit your character so that you able to get the right mix between men and machine.

The best of PvP tips: Another big reason why it makes sense to go in for DK Builds For The Elder Scrolls Online is because it will help you to enter into duels with ease and confidence. It will help you as a player to unlock the full potential of PvP. It will help you to give your best whether it is solo battles or taking on hundreds of hard core fighters.

Gold Making: Dragon Knights is a game which allows the players to make gold provided the right skill sets are developed. With the help of right DK builds it will be possible for you to best avenues for money making. It also will help you to master the ways and means by which you can improve your ESO. It will help you to avoid running all over the place and scrapping for some dusts of gold. It will assist you to be the real hero who time and again is able to get the best as far as gold hunt is concerned.

Hence at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that going in for the right DK builds will help you to master ESO much better than most.