Ways Your Brand Can Reach eSports Consumers

The recent growth of eSports industry has taken several major brands by surprise. Not only has the size of the live audience widened but also the number of brands trying to exploit the industry as a marketing opportunity. In this article, we have highlighted measures that your company can take to showcase the value of your products to eSports consumers. Read on to find out more.

1. Step up your Branded Content game

The recent studies show that 75% of video viewers visit the brand’s website. One of the effective ways of reaching the eSports consumers is to create interesting video content around the eSport games they like most. Most eSports enthusiasts appreciate the brands who broadcast valuable content that is relevant to their interests. This content marketing opportunity builds brand recognition by incorporating entertainment, education, and advertising within the eSports space.

2. Capture Influencer Reviews

The next step is to utilize influencer reviewers to speak the language that your targeted eSports fans understand. You will find that each of these influencer reviewers has millions of loyal followers, who take them as their source of valuable information regarding certain eSports. They will do some talking hence building good relationships for you. Within a short period, your branding messages will become significantly more effective.

3. Sponsor a Team

There are two types of eSports teams: eSports Works Teams and eSports Agency Teams. The former are teams which are run and financed by product companies. Sponsoring one of the teams operated and financed by larger product-focused companies can be a challenge if your brand is looking to enter eSports. It is therefore recommended you start and operate your own eSports Works Team. The second ones, the eSports Agency Teams, are good if you want to build awareness for your brand eSports. If you sponsor some of the eSports Agency Teams, you can benefit from broadcast visibility (getting a logo presence on the team jersey), extra visibility and gain extra exposure through a team’s social media.

4. Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is one of the sure ways of to reach more eSports consumers. Currently, several innovative brands such as LG, IBM, Intel, and Coca-Cola are bringing major events to eSports enthusiastic, and they are reaping the benefits as a result of their sponsorship. More eSports consumers continue to thank such brands by becoming and remaining loyal to brand advocates. eSports sponsorship, especially the large ones, requires large investments but the returns are more compared to sponsoring traditional sports.

5. White Label Events

Typically, white label events are smaller, invite-only events that are created by agencies with established format and structure. These events, if planned and carried out properly, they can help your brand gain exposure through eSports. To achieve this goal, you need to deploy competent initiatives that are tailored to communicate the brand message to the eSports consumers. Red Bull is one of the brands known to utilize the white label eSports events.

There are several companies that can help you establish your brand or product in the eSports market. Some of these companies do not live up to their promise. So make sure you checkout the best site about Esports marketing not to fall a victim of dubious companies.